ACS Applied Computer Science

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Decision making supported by task-oriented software tools plays a pivotalĀ role in a modern enterprise. That is because commercially available ERP systems are not able to respond in an interactive on-line/real-time mode. It opens a new generation of DSS that enable a fast prototyping of production flows in multi-project environment as well as an integrated approach to project execution evaluation. In that context our goal is to provide a knowledge base- approach allowing one to be independent on a context or representation of particular data as well as allowing designing an interactive and task-oriented decision support system (DSS). The assumed knowledge base mode of specifying a production system leads to solving a logic-algebraic method (LAM) decision problem. The approach proposed complements the decision system with an additional module (evaluation module) and facilitates searching for possible solutions meeting company production programme execution evaluation criteria. The results obtained are implemented in a software package supporting project management in the SMEs. Illustrative example of the ILOG-based software application is provided.