ACS Applied Computer Science

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Since the production is aimed at fulfilling specific needs of demanding customers and not at filling warehouses, the production volume should reflect the volume of orders. In times of fight for the client every order has to be performed on time. What is more, in times of fight for shortening the delivery cycle, meeting safe deadlines, that is distant in time, is not enough. Companies are forced to meet short deadlines with keeping the product price competitiveness condition. It is hardly possible without a advanced planning support system. Currently, advanced planning systems are coming into use, however their cost exceeds the possibilities of small and medium enterprises and algorithms used often require great customization to industries’ needs and conditions of unit and small-batch production. Such conditions lead to a need for simplified methods. The methods used so far are not capable of finding the global optimum of such big data ranges. For this reason computer tools for applying to the industrial scale are needed. The above method basis on the data so far collected in ERP system.