ACS Applied Computer Science

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In this paper the control of a binary distillation column is described. This control is done with fuzzy logic, one with PI- like fuzzy controller and the other with modified PI fuzzy controller, using the minimal rules for fuzzy processing. This work is focused on model reduction of Wood and Berry binary distillation column to get the best performance. It is desired to minimize the rules in order to reduce the computation time to make a faster decision. Comparisons will be made between two versions of fuzzy controllers utilizing reduced rules to verify the outputs. The controlled variables are top composition with high concentration and bottom composition with low. To demonstrate the performance of the fuzzy PI control schemes, results are compared with a classical PI controller and optimal methods, like Differential Evolution (DE), Invasive Weed Optimization (IWO).The proposed structure is able to quickly track the parameter variation and perform better in load disturbances and also for set point changes. Then all the processes of the distillation column with it? s fuzzy controllers are simulated in MATLAB software as the results are shown.