ACS Applied Computer Science

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Assessment process

  1. All submitted papers are subject to peer review and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence.
  2. Manuscript are accepted for publication by:
    • The Topic Editor,
    • Two independent reviewers from outside the institution of the author/authors, appointed by the Scientific Board,
    • The Language Editor.
  3. All submitted papers firstly are sent to the proper Topic Editor (according to the author’s indication of the paper’s scientific area) who decides if the manuscript is relevant to the subject of Applied Computer Science. Negative decision of the Topic Editor is tantamount to rejection of the manuscript and ends the assessment procedure.
  4. Reviewers are selected in accordance with the principle of avoiding conflict of interests (examples of conflicts of interest include a personal relationship between reviewer and author, occupational subordination, direct scientific cooperation).
  5. The review is provided and concludes with an explicit recommendation to accept or reject the paper for publication.
  6. The names of the reviewers for the individual publications are not revealed and are anonymous to the authors.
  7. If a negative review is given, the submission is rejected.
  8. The reviewer can discuss the manuscript with the Statistical Editor or/and Language Editor.
  9. On receiving the required number of reviews, the Editors pass them immediately to authors. The Editors require that authors prepare answers to reviewers’ comments, which are then sent to referees.
  10. When the answers to reviewers’ comments are accepted by reviewers, the Editorial Board makes a decision of publishing the manuscript. Decision with the expected date of publication is sent to the submitting author.